Digital Marketing Course in Ludhiana

Complete Digital Marketing Course (CDMC)

Master Program


Transform Yourself when the World is transforming itself. Step into the Modern Way of doing business by Joining CDMC Certification specifically designed for Online Marketing by industrial expertise and professionals. The Whole Course in Divided into 5 Steps and includes not only complete training on digital marketing but also Re-marketing, Business Analytics, and Finally Separate modules particularly designed for Career Development & Freelancing.

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    5 Stage of Course Covering 35 Modules

    Market Research

    Before initiating Project, it is very essential to conduct a Market Research to better understand the required Efforts, Direction of Efforts, & setting up of goals.

    Online Marketing

    Actual Practice of most of Modules of Digital Marketing takes place here. It overall includes 25 Modules related to SEO, PPC, Social Media, E-commerce Marketing etc.

    Analytics & Re-marketing

    Covering almost 3 modules on Business Analytics, SEO Analytics, Performance Analytics & Finally Re-marketing to reach maximum number of People.

    Career Development

    To fulfill the promise of a better future, some specific modules are designed to bolster students to set up their career in Digital Marketing. These Modules are related to following :-

    1. Interview Preparation & Placement
    2. Freelancing
    3. Entrepreneurship

    Final Exam

    After attempting a final exam, You will get a World wide recognised Certification, which would be a conclusive proof of your expertise in Digital Marketing and bolster you in practicing in same.

    Digital Marketing Course in Ludhiana

    Social Media Marketing Course

    An Exclusive course covering Expertise only on Social Media Marketing, and includes various  free as well as paid tools to better understand the tactics relating to Social Media.

    Students have to choose 3 projects and learn all tactics relating to Social Media by practically executing on their projects.



    Busniess Development, Strategic & Affiliate Marketing

    Online Business Development generally depends upon many models. The Art of Learning and Executing traditional marketing models & Modern Online Business models bolster you to become a successful Business Developer. This Course is designed for the students to learn the skill of developing business and sales online along with Affiliate Marketing. It prepares you to learn the art of working with sales funnel for your own product or Client’s.

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