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Beginner to Advance SEO Course

Program Overview

Key highlights

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These modules are designed keeping into consideration the industrial requirements and expectations of big corporate that they generally have from their employees. All most all modules will be taught using paid tools. 

Module 1 : Introduction to SEO

Introducing the learners with SEO world, importance of SEO & how it works?

Module 2 : Career Opportunities in SEO & how to learn it?

It is essential for students to know their ultimate goal for which they are learning SEO. If you already know the career opportunities & essential skills, then you make more planned efforts. 

Module 3 : Keyword Research (Paid + Free tools)

Keyword Research is the most crucial task in SEO. But the sad part is, a lot of experienced SEO Professionals make fundamental mistakes while selecting keywords. Here students will learn conducting Keyword research Professionally.

Module 4 : Project Selection

Selecting the right project is very essential for practical execution of SEO tactics. The Project should align with your career goal. So that one can learn all the essential skills for a successful career profile. 

Module 5 : Learning HTML & Making Website on a Template

Whole On-Page SEO is based on HTML. Learning HTML is important for two reasons. First, there are a lot of HTML tags in On-Page SEO. Second, you may get a client in future whose website is made by HTML and not on wordpress. 

Module 6 : Learning WordPress & making website

WordPress is the most popular CMS being used in industry. It allows you to build a website without learning coding, so that you can practise all important tactics of SEO at one place.

Module 7 : Drawing Website Architecture

Website Architecture is the foundation of a SEO friendly Project. A perfect site architecture allows a better crawling, better visibility and help in Semantic SEO,

Module 8 : Important SEO algorithms

There are a lot of algorithms developed by Google that are responsible for your rank. Learning SEO without the knowledge of these algorithms is just knowledge. Half Knowledge is more dangerous than the No Knowledge.

Module 9 : On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO includes all the work which are related to inserting keywords correctly and professionally in the web pages. Most people consider On-Page work easy, but it is little technical also. On-Page SEO does not include keywords insertion only, but also other tags such as canonical link & writing SEO friendly Content.

Module 10 : SEO Friendly Content

Writing SEO friendly content is a skill. There is a lot of difference between SEO Friendly Content Writer & Normal content writer. Google likes to give good rank to those pages which are well optimised for better UX, Search intent & are SEO Friendly. 

Module 10 : Off Page SEO

Backlinks are the most important part of SEO. It is one amongst the Top 10 ranking factors. But creating Qualitative backlinks is important to rank a project on Search Engines. Here students will not only learn the difference between Quantitative & Qualitative backlinks. But also how to create them professionally. 

Module 11 : Link Building Strategies

Just creating backlinks is not sufficient for any project. You should have a strategy of link building. Building links strategically becomes more important when you are working on a highly competitive project.

Module 12 : Technical SEO

Here learners will learn optimisation of some technical aspects on website like managing the crawling budget, working on web core vitals, understanding internal linking schemes etc. 

Module 13 : Local SEO

There are a lot businesses whose operations in a city only. Such businesses are more interested to get rank on Business profile in the keywords related to their business. Local SEO is easy to learn & you can get its clients very easily. 

Module 14 : SEO Audit

Every SEO Professional is required to conduct SEO audits from time to time. Audits are done weekly, monthly or whenever you gets a new project.

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FAQs related to Course

What is the eligibility to join the course?

Learners are required to have passion to learn SEO & are ready to put some efforts on Practise. Anybody can join the course who is willing to become SEO Professional. 

What you'll learn in the course?

You’ll learn all the important theory & practical topics related to SEO. Not only you will be able to work practically through assignments and live projects but also will get sufficient technical knowledge to be able to build SEO plans & lead SEO team. 

How do we help you in Career?

The course is designed in the manner that make you ready to enter into industry directly without going further for any internship. It will make you ready to start a job, freelancing or promote your own business through SEO.

Can you do freelancing just after the course?

Although freelancing requires some prior knowledge and practical application. But this course will make you ready to start getting local and easy clients for yourself. With experience you can move onto big clients. 

How do we help you in Career ?

Learners who join Digital Marketing course has mainly following three purpose:-

  • To get a Job
  • To start freelancing 
  • To Promote their own business

DMA provides you assistance of all sorts in building up a successful career. Here you’ll get a one month free class on Career Development, where you can understand, how to effectively utilise Digital Marketing Skills to build up a successful Career. Here is the list of three programs that we deliver to assist students in building up their career.

Job Assistance

Based on our contacts in the industry and tie ups, we place the students to the suitable job roles as per their calibre. 

Freelancing Training

We motivate and assist the students to start their freelancing journey under our supervision. 

Entrepreneurial Guidance

A lot of learners learn digital marketing with their own aim to start their business, so here we are available for all kind of assistance. 

What tools you will learn?

Free Tools

Paid Tools