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List of Courses Offered under Online Marketing

Digital Marketing Course

5 Months Duration


  1. Covers 35 Modules
  2. Job Placement 
  3. Freelancing Classes 
  4. ISO Certification

Ecommerce Marketing Course

3 Months Duration


  1. Covers 15 Modules
  2. Job Placement 
  3. Freelancing Classes 
  4. ISO Certification

Digital Marketing Diploma

1 Year Duration


  1. Covers 40 Modules
  2. Job Placement 
  3. Freelancing Classes 
  4. ISO Certification
  5. Including e- commerce classes
  6. Agency Classes

Online Marketing Courses offered

Digital Marketing  Certification

 The short term digital Marketing Certification is a 5 Months Course dealing in overall 35 modules covering from SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing etc.

Duration :- 5 Months

Number of Modules covered:- 35

Certification Type:- ISO Vocational Course

Career Opportunities :- Freelancing, Job, WFH on Projects, Entrepreneurship

Digital Marketing Diploma

Complete diploma in digital Marketing covers more than 40 modules of digital Marketing including all modules of Digital Marketing certification with working on Digital Marketing strategies, Ecommerce Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Duration:- 1 Year

Courses Covered:- digital Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Type:- ISO Diploma

Career opportunities :-Agency , Ecommerce Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Marketer Consultant, Automation Manager, Digital Marketing director



Ecommerce Marketing Course

 It covers all modules of Ecommerce ranging from Fundamentals of Ecommerce to Operation Manager, Ecommerce Web Development, Dropshipping, Global Trade Professional, Retail Executive, Digital Marketing methods of Ecommerce, etc.

Duration:- 3 Months

Modules Offered:- 15

Certification Type:- ISO Certification

Career Opportunities:- Ecommerce Manager, Ecommerce Executive, Entreprenuership



Affiliate Marketing Course

All Modules ranging from Introduction to Niche Planning, Sales And customer Acquisition Funnel, Google Adsense, Digital Marketing Promotion Methods if Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Website Development etc. are covered and specifically designed for those who wants to make their career in Affiliate Marketing.

Duration:- 3 Months

Modules Offered:- 10

Career opportunities:- Affiliate Marketer.


8 Stages of Course



1.Set up Your Objective

       2. Identify and Categorize Your Buyer

     3. Content & Strategy

     4. Channel

     5. Timelines


    6. Budget

    7. Measurement


    8. Corrective Action

What Countries have the highest demand for Digital Marketers Globally?

  • Canada

  • India

  • America

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Australia

  • Ireland

  • Philippines

Why we should learn Online Marketing?

There are few of following facts which shows why one should go learn online marketing courses:-


            Internet Users all over the World


2.9 Billion (41% of world Population)


3.7 Billion (49% of world Population )

  1. The following data provides you glipmse of increase in number of mobile Marketing which specifically shows the importance of online marketing :-

2.As Companies are going digital now, and trying to compete each other in online world. This competition among the companies is creating a lot of career opportunities.

Check:- competition analysis of because it is getting its one paragraph ranked on Google.

3.The digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t, said Ireland’s Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte, TD while announcing National Digital strategy in Ireland.

Reference :-

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