What is ON PAGE SEO?

ON PAGE SEO there are the things you do on your Web pages. To learn professional on page seo skills contact digital marketing aid.

You want to optimize for a particular keyword or key phrase common on page SEO practices include

  • Optimizing page titles
  • using Meta description
  • keywords in contents
  • use of headings
  • using ALT text for images
  • URL structure.

Let’s have a look at each of these practices in a detail.

Page Title

A Page title is a short description of a page and appears at the top of a browser, windows and insults. It is an important element of an optimized SEO page. A page title should include a page skewered in the title. In each email titled Tag is used to assign title to any page. Google typically displays the first 50 to 60 characters of a title tag, including White Spaces. So you should try to keep the length of your page title under 60 characters. If you are trying to rank a page for accuracy car insurance services in the USA, you should use a title, something like Car Insurance Services in USA dash get economical car insurance, vertical bar X, Y, Z Insurance Company. This title contains the primary and secondary keywords along with company name separated properly.

Meta description

 A meta description is a brief description about your page, this snippet of text may appear in the search engine results under your page title. My description is provided with the help of a meta tag in HD html. If Meta description is not used, search engines will pull a snippet of text from the main body copy of the page. Instead, Google recently expanded the standard length of my description. Previously, the descriptions were recommended to be 160 characters or less in length. As of 2017, Google will show up to 275 characters on subs. It is always recommended to use the targeted keywords in my description for one time. Beside that matter, description should be written in such a way that user is compelled to click on

the URL.

Keywords in contents

Targeted keywords should be used in the overall contents of the page, but keyword density should not go beyond three percent. It means if your page contains total 300 words, then the targeted keywords should not be used more than nine times maximum.

Headings & Alt text for Image

 Six type of headings to be used in the pages, you must divide your page contents in such a way that every segment or section of a page may have a separate heading and  keyword should be used in the headings. But keep in mind that three percent keyword density would be murdered, including the headings all tags

Alt text for Image

Images or text, which is the short form of alternative text. I used within an admin code to describe the appearance and function of an image on a page or text will be displayed in place of an image if an image file cannot be loaded or text provide better image. Context is descriptions to search in helping them to index an image properly. The best format for all text is sufficiently descriptive but does not contain any spammy attempts and keyword stuffing. If you can close your eyes, have someone read the URL text to you and imagine a reasonably accurate version of the image, you are on the right track.

URL Structure

That is a short form of URL . Resource locator, more commonly known as a web address specifies the location of a resource such as a webpage on the Internet. A well crafted You Are provides both humans and search engines and easy to understand indication of what the destination page will be about. You are and must be precise and should contain the keywords in the appropriate way. For example, if your page described the recipe of strawberry milkshake, then you are and should be something like https://digitalmarketingaid.com/digital-marketing-course-in-ludhiana/

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