What is keyword intent?

When someone types in a search query into Google, they expect to quickly find an answer to their problem. Google has made it their business to provide the deepest answer to iniquity in the shortest time possible. To answer the query, Google needs to understand what a user may be looking for and provide a list of Web pages it thinks best answer the query.


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Every search query has intent behind it. You must consider your target’s intent behind every keyword if a page does not satisfy the keyword intent. Google will not rank the page high in the SERPs.You might have a very helpful article, extremely well written with lots of images, charts, videos and whatever else.



You might have spent hundreds of dollars and several days painstakingly crafting the content. The page might have some really powerful links. But if the content does not match keyword intent, the page will not rank. It might rank at the top briefly until Google discovers the page is not answering the questions. Users seek answers, and then the page will drop like a stone and stay at the bottom.



Google constantly keeps track of user behavior. It can know when users are not satisfied with the page, and Google will not keep search pages ranking high in the service. So you must spend some time understanding what a user may be looking for when the type equity into Google and do your best to ensure your page content matches keyword intent.


Example Let’s consider the phrase home insurance courts. Someone searching for home insurance courts is looking for the best deal on home insurance and expect google to help them find a very good bill. That would be the intent behind the query to get a good deal on home insurance. But you would not want to conclude just by looking at the phrase. You would also want to take a look at the top search results in Google.


If we go to Google and search for home insurance courts, we can learn a lot about the keyword in print by reading the pages’ titles ranking at the top of the SERPs.This result from Geico seems fast and free.Home insurance skorts.There are other reserves with the word free in their taxes. This one says compared home insurance skorts.


In addition, you would also want to look at this section. People also ask. Google is telling us questions it thinks are very relevant to this query. All these are questions. Google expects to see answered on a page that ranks for this query. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is this related search section. You can further refine your understanding of keyword intent by looking at these related searches.


We have enough information to write a small paragraph or two that clearly state the intent behind the search query home insurance courts. This is what we have gleaned so far. People searching for home insurance courts want to compare several courts, and they want to get the courts first, and they want to get them for free.


In addition, they want to know who has the best home insurance, how much they might have to pay. Which home insurance company is the cheapest. And whether you can get only fire insurance by following this process. Once you have done this for your main keywords, you can get a fairly clear idea of the keyword Infantes. You’ll be able to craft content that answers these questions and gives people exactly what they are looking for.


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